Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sous La Couverture

C'est fait longtemps que j'ai écrit un poéme en français. Écrire en français me prends beaucoups de temps, specialément les poémes. Il faut assurer que la grammaire est bonne, le sens est correct, il n'y pas (ou un peu) de fautes drôles etc. etc. Écrire la poésie pendant apprendre le français est une activité amusante!

On se caresse

On se caresse sous la couverture
J’entend son battement du coeur
On se caresse sous la plafond
Son odeur me chatouille à fond
On se caresse sous les étoiles
Cette nuit est sans égal
On se caresse sous le ciel
Ses lèvre sont faites de miel

…elle recule, la princesse
Mais encore, je la caresse

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweet Sickness

They say translation is like kissing through a veil, and I say translation poetry is like kissing through a veil behind a window. A great poem can be less than ordinary when translated, especially when it is translated literally, and that's why I really can't read translated poems. I prefer reading them in their original language if I can, I feel it is like a disrespect to try and appreciate a translated poem in another language.

But sometimes there are a line or two of a poem (or in special cases the entire poem) that break this rule and become something (like an emotion) that can be appreciated in any language and in any environment.

The other day I read a poem of Mutanabbi, one of the greatest Arab poets in history. Like most of his work, it struck me for its beauty and elegance, so much so that I didn't get his intended meaning right away. But when I got its meaning later on, I became so obsessed with it that I started thinking of breaking my rule and translating it!

The poem was:
وزائرتي كأن بها حياء فليس تزور إلا في الظلام

My humble translation of it to English was:
She only comes in darkness
like a visitor with shyness

and my more humble French translation was:
Elle me vient en obscurité
comme une visiteure avec timidité

Although something was still lost in translation, I found both translations to be as beautiful. Since I am a big believer that a poem must rhyme, I had to tweak both of the translated ones to rhyme, even on the expense of meaning.

Anyway, like the English and French ones, the one in Arabic would seem to be about a female lover that only visits him in the night. As sweet as that is, I believe the real intention is even sweeter! What Mutanabbi meant with this female visitor is none other than the common cold (the one that gives you fever and makes you bed-tied.)

I get so many colds every year, no matter what I wear and what of my mum's recommended remedies and preparations I drink/eat/sniff. And looking back, I found it incredible that almost always I feel the wrath of the cold in the night. I'd be working/studying/playing during the day, and then feel the affects of the cold in the night.

That just made me appreciate this poem even more. Like a cold that only strikes slowly in the night, the lovely girl comes shyly only in the darkest part of the night.

Next time I am sick and bound to my bed, I will just remember this poem and pretend that the cold is nothing but a pretty girl that only spreads her magic in the night. That might get me to feel better quickly!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spring 07 - part 2

Oh Là Là, this blazer is blazinggggggggggg! Blazers are so great, and specially great to those who find wearing suits stiff. The same blazer can be used to dress formally or casually, and it's this versatility that makes them so appealing. This navy blue D&G is no exception, but its denim feel makes it more appropriate for casual rather than formal outings. Having said that, what you wear with it can tip the look in either direction.

I'd prefer such a blazer with a black denim such as this one:

The dark denim gives the look a more casual feel since the blazer is a little bit flashy. Khaki or Chino pants might go well with the blazer, but unlike the denim, the lighter they are the better the look.

If there is one thing I love more than blazers, it's trench coats, I simply love them and their look. I wouldn't mind living in a cool rainy environment so that I can wear trench coats every single day. Again, I prefer them casual and the one on the picture above is so. It's pale greyish colour makes it well-suited to wear with jeans. The belt gives it a classic and more tidy look, this one is a winner!

Blazer and trench coat courtesy of Men.Style.Com's LOOKS TO KICK OFF 2007.
Denim Jeans courtesy of ASOS.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Une Poème

C'est mon premier blog en français. J'étais incertain de ce que j'écrirais, mais un idée m'est venue.

L'année passé, j'ai écrit un courriel à mon ami pour son anniversaire. Il parle bien le français, mais pour quelques années vivant dans un environment anglais, il a oublié un peu le français! Et je l'ai taquiné sur ça.

En tout cas, maintenant il va à un université français et son français est de retour. Je lui ai écrit une petite poème comme une blague, mais j'ai realisé que écrire poésie en français est magnifique!

La poème:

On l'appelle l'amour

un sentiment spéciale

qui conquérit le coeur

et le laisse spéciale

J'espère à écrire plus et plus!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spring 07 - part 1

I know that talking about the spring won't bring it quicker. However, I don't like spring much, my birthday is in the spring and it just means getting older. So the intentions for this post is to prepare and remind!

I never buy expensive clothes, and I don't care about brand name either (okay, maybe a little.) I care about the style, colour and material (no artificial crap please!!!)

One of the greatest tips I ever got was from a fashion show (on TV.) The tip was so basic I couldn't believe I never thought of it! Basically, it adviced to go and see fashion magazines (catalgoues etc.) and re-create the look without having to buy the actual set (which can cost you $500!!! HOW RIDICULOUS.) All you need is imagination, patience and free time (you will not find everything waiting for you in your first re-creation trip.)

Anyway, enough blabbering and time for some moda:

This look is so great. It epitomises what I like: simplicity and elegance. Not too dressy and not too casual. I think the trick in pulling this off is the hoodie, it can make or break the look.

My favourite look of the whole collection. Like said on the site, this is perfect to wear in a warm (by winter standard) day. Spring has many of those days when either the weather changes during the day or when you are not sure if it's cold or hot. The key in solving this dilemma is layering, and I think this look is a fine example of layering gone excellent.

Sometimes you (or the occasion) feel/demands some downdressing. But that could be catastrophic at times (just go to some convenience stores on a Sunday morning.) Such look satisfies downdressing and rationality.

P.S: All pictures courtesy of's 'The New Basic: Ten easy suggestions for a sleek, spring-ready wardrobe'

Friday, January 19, 2007


Vat iz up?

I finally started a blog! I like things that don't need justifications, I like blogs because it's just ramblings (damn, this is harder to express than expected!)

I don't know what I'd talk about, but I think poetry and fashion will be major topics. We will see, if I am still bloging in a year's time, I shall revisit 'what-I-am-talking-about.'

I guess I will also try to improve on my French. I'll try and visit French blogs that are written in proper French (so that I won't waste time looking up non-existing words.) I am also adamant that I should write properly (captialization, grammer etc.) I read/heard/saw somewhere that writing in internet lingo (i, lol, u etc.) can creep into your other daily (supposedly official) writings and cause you harm. There will be mistakes, and I hope I will be notified (don't be shy, you don't know me and you probably will never meet me, be mean.)

I chose the display picture because it's a perfect metaphor for the first post. It's a new beginning (dawn) but one that is uncertain (fog), time (sun) will tell whether this blog (flight) will live or not!

You (I just said that because I noticed all my other paragraphs started with I!!!)

Au Revoir

P.S: Picture courtesy of balupix from flickr