Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spring 07 - part 1

I know that talking about the spring won't bring it quicker. However, I don't like spring much, my birthday is in the spring and it just means getting older. So the intentions for this post is to prepare and remind!

I never buy expensive clothes, and I don't care about brand name either (okay, maybe a little.) I care about the style, colour and material (no artificial crap please!!!)

One of the greatest tips I ever got was from a fashion show (on TV.) The tip was so basic I couldn't believe I never thought of it! Basically, it adviced to go and see fashion magazines (catalgoues etc.) and re-create the look without having to buy the actual set (which can cost you $500!!! HOW RIDICULOUS.) All you need is imagination, patience and free time (you will not find everything waiting for you in your first re-creation trip.)

Anyway, enough blabbering and time for some moda:

This look is so great. It epitomises what I like: simplicity and elegance. Not too dressy and not too casual. I think the trick in pulling this off is the hoodie, it can make or break the look.

My favourite look of the whole collection. Like said on the site, this is perfect to wear in a warm (by winter standard) day. Spring has many of those days when either the weather changes during the day or when you are not sure if it's cold or hot. The key in solving this dilemma is layering, and I think this look is a fine example of layering gone excellent.

Sometimes you (or the occasion) feel/demands some downdressing. But that could be catastrophic at times (just go to some convenience stores on a Sunday morning.) Such look satisfies downdressing and rationality.

P.S: All pictures courtesy of's 'The New Basic: Ten easy suggestions for a sleek, spring-ready wardrobe'


Michomeme said...

j'ai aime ton blog, essayes d'ecrire en francais! :)

mais, je peut savoir tu es d'ou??
je sens que tu es un arabe?

Se Sentir said...

Merci pour visiter mon blog et pour le commentaire gentil.

Au sujet d’écrire en français, j’espère que je le ferai bientôt. Elle est l'une des raisons pour laquelle j'ai crée ce blog.

Et au sujet de votre question, oui je suis. Mais je viens de plusieurs pays et je le préfère comme ça! :)

Valley Girl said...

Love this post. This is way late, but I love the blazer/hoodie combo on men.